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Five Tips for Autumn / Winter Wooden Boat Maintenance

By following each of these 5 steps, you will prepare your boat for an easier Spring launch.

1: Ventilation. Your boat needs to breath. Remove sole boards, open bulkhead hatches, drawers, cabinets, and so on.

2: Make sure all limber holes are clear and unclogged and garboard plugs are removed.

3: Store your boat correctly.

Your boat should be supported on its keel, with only firm pressure on boat stands.

4: Do not leave your boat exposed to weather. A proper cover or shelter should not allow for rain or snow to accumulate. Fresh water has a habit of leaking into places that you don’t want it to.

5: Remove anything that can be removed. Towels and cushions retain moisture and are active incubators for causing rot. Be sure to take out any cushions, life preservers, sails, towels, etc…

Neglect is the enemy of a wooden boat. Every minute that you spend putting your boat away correctly in the Autumn will be a little less time that you need to invest preparing her for the new

Sailing Season 2017…..

extracted from The Classic Sailor Magazine, Oct ’15