14ft Work boat, New build, Sturdy 400 Polyethylene moulded

Price Details  New Boat

Price: £1,692 GBP inc VAT plus delivery
Supplied from: Buckinghamshire UK
Make: Sturdy 400
Year: 2017
Category: Small Boats
Class: work boat, fishing, dinghies


New dinghy, work boat, fishing, rowing craft. Four sizes available 8ft, 10ft, 12ft & 14ft. All made from the very durable, strong and lightweight material polyethylene. They are incredibly sturdy vessels ideal to work from. Possible for outboard motor 4-10hp, strengthened transom. At 48kgs, 85kgs, 100kgs and a 110kgs.

The 3 wheels incorporated into their moulded design makes for ease of movement,towing around on land, buoyancy tanks are moulded into the structure. Very very low maintenance. UV stabilised polyethylene. Alloy oars and rowlocks and the inset wheels are supplied. RCD coded used by many councils, inshore rescue craft, HM services, yacht clubs and private estates, hire fleets and leisure parks.

Made in green, grey. Sturdy 350 (12ft) also made in black.

Sturdy 250 £648 inc VAT

Sturdy 320 £1,194

Sturdy 350 £1,495 (Supplied with  swivel seat, 2 lockers chrome cleats in bow, no wheels)

Sturdy 400 £1,692       ALL prices inclusive of VAT


Length Overall: 3.99m   Beam: 1.60m
Engine Power: 10 hp max on a  Sturdy 400
Number of Engines: 1


Builder: Work boat,  14ft  Sturdy 400 Polyethylene moulded
Boat Name: Sturdy 400, 350, 320 and a 250