12ft Wil Stirling Classic clinker sailing dinghy, 2015

 In construction 2015

Boat Builders: Wil  Stirling & Son, Boat Builders of Plymouth
Year Built: 2015
Condition: Used, very good
Category: Small Boats
Class: Classic Sailing Dinghies


A Traditional design of sailing dinghy. Hand built. She performs well under sail or as a rowing dinghy.
Balanced lug rig, varnished mast gaff and boom. clipper cloth square sail laced onto the spars. pair of oars and rowlocks.
Several covers. includes an overall winter tent cover for total protection form the elements.
She has a “Piggy back” road trailer and launching trolley combination. with spare wheel manual winch and winch post.
She would make a perfect tender to a Classic Yacht.

She has been kept afloat in the water all season. Winter is spent sat on her trailer under the overall Winter cover.


Nominal Length: 3.66m
Length At Water Line: 3.51m

Beam: 1.47m
Draft: 1.22m
Max Draft: 1.22m
Keel Up: 0.76m


Displacement: 185.kilograms
Cruising Speed: 4  knots

Passenger Capacity: 4

Rowing, sailing and or powered

Builder: Wil Stirling & Son of Plymouth
Hull Design: Displacement, with dagger board
Hull Speed: 4 knots


Bespoke hand built clinker planked dinghy. Larch planking on oak frames.
Brass bilge rubbing bands
a brass keel band. Mahogany capping rail and fitted sole boards.

She has an oiled interior: Gunwales thwarts and knees. Black gloss painted topsides, re-antifouled for the season in red.
Gold inlay on the cove line and carved scroll work.  Refitted Spring 2020.


A pair of leathered sweeps, a pair of bronze rowlocks, a brass “O” rings in the stem and on the stern.
Tiller steering , 2- part rudder. two centreplates one 316 steel one marine ply. Bronze blocks, a brass horse


She carries a balanced lug rig with a steel centreplate. She now has a marine ply plate too which is found easier to handle.
Buff coloured clipper cloth main sail , three strand synthetic sheets.

Little Tern under construction 2015.